India is a land of rituals and celebrations. Marriage is a lifetime ritual to celebrate. Word “Shubh” clinches a very special value for Hindus. It means auspicious, bright, good, happy, propitious, golden and much more. “Vivah” indicates the attachments of not only two people, but two families, two cultures and life commitment of togetherness. Putting both together a marriage is not just an occasion it is a festival, for the families. And we at Shubh Vivah strongly believe that wedding has its own special connotation across the communities.

Vihang and Pooja Shah have already experienced wedding charms. They mutate each small ritual and celebration into a permanent memory of their life. The feeling of living their wedding days again and again was a birth point of Shubh Vivah.

A marriage to be remembered is a demanding task in this era. It demands management, creativity, contacts, skills, team of people, patience, exclusivity, and experience too. We have it all. After managing _ marriages we are sure of delivering what is needed for arranging a memorable wedding.

We are determined to execute pin to elephant perfect wedding not just for groom and bride but for both the families. Lots of smiles and more smiles around in the families is what we will put in our energies for. It is avowal at “Shubh Vivah” that wedding is a celebration for sure, but it must not lose the essence of Indian rituals and beliefs. Harmony between all the fun winds and ancient aims is what Shubh Vivah looks upto.